"Every man dies. Not every man really lives." - William Wallace

toad's wild ride

brief bio of todd

I was born and raised in Manhattan, Kansas. It was a great place to grow up because of the close-knit community, the opportunities that were available, and because it was a small town.

After graduating from Manhattan High School in May of 1994, I left the Little Apple in hopes of finding greener pastures. Specifically, I wanted to find a way to play soccer at a higher level and potentially pay for school. I moved to Rolla, Missouri in August of 1994 to start school at the University of Missouri at Rolla (UMR) and to try out for the UMR varsity Men's Soccer team. After making it through the try out in which I made many mistakes but still managed to make the cut, I decided to give up on my dream of playing soccer in college. I found it almost impossible to both study and play soccer at that level. So, in what can only be thought of as my one and only stroke of maturity, I quit the team and focused on school.

After a very frustrating year of school at UMR, I decided to return to Manhattan and earn my degree from Kansas State University. While an out-of-state education was unique, I could not see myself spending that much money for a degree that was no better than what I could get at KSU.

One of the best decisions that I made while at UMR was joining the Theta Xi Fraternity (specifically, the Alpha Psi chapter). Not only did I meet some amazing guys at UMR, it set me up to meet other amazing guys when I transferred to KSU (and the Alpha Iota chapter). Theta Xi turned into my home away from home (not really that far from home ... my father lived about 4 miles away). Being in the Theta Xi house provided access to great role models (people like Eric Cloud, Bret Young, Toby Rush, and Ryan Lamberson to name just a few) and great friends (people like Sam Halabi, Josh Bleeker, and Paul Devore to name just a couple). It also provided some opporunities for girlfriends (one of which turned into my wife - thanks Josh!).

After completing my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, I decided to stick around and work towards a Master of Science in Computer Science. This happened for many reasons including the fact that my fiancée was still in school and was planning on attending KSU's Veterinary Medicine school after completing her BS in Animal Sciences. While flailing about in my degree program, I started to work with Dr. Matthew Dwyer who helped shape my future. With some strong mentoring, I decided to do a project with the SAnToS Laboratory in the CIS department at KSU (the group that was run by Dr. Dwyer and Dr. John Hatcliff). My MS project consisted of extending the Bandera counter-example GUI in a couple of unique ways. While doing this, I also started to maintain more and more of the Bandera codebase. By the time I finished the degree, I was neck deep in Bandera with very little hope of dislodging myself.

After completing my MS in Computer Science, the SAnToS Lab found a way to fund me as a full-time developer (aka Research Associate, Software Engineer, Project Manager, and jack-of-all-trades). During my time with the lab, I worked on the Bandera, Cadena, and SpAda projects and made various contributions to other projects. I was also involved in system administration and helped to manage people and resources in an effort to make the lab effective and efficient.

At the end of 2008 I started working for The IDEA Center as a Software Developer. I had an opportunity to take a position in a small company that would allow me to pursue my passion for building high quality, important, and useful software. In addition, the position allowed me to continue to develop my skills as a system administrator. This is where I am today; enjoying the work, having fun with the people, and loving the fact that I can live in Manhattan!

Some other notes of interest:

  • During my time at KSU, I played a full season (one fall season and one spring season) on the KSU Men's Soccer Club.
  • While working on my BS I worked in several on-campus jobs (IET as a technical support dude and at ISO as a web developer and database administrator). I also found a summer internship where I could gain more experience (I interned with the Air Intelligence Agency in San Antonio, Texas as a Programmer).
  • Football, basketball, soccer, softball, punt-pass-and-kick, golf, and track are just some of the intramural sports that I participated in during my undergraduate work.
  • During my undergraduate days I also helped with several different philanthropic endeavors including the Miracle Mile and Habitat for Humanity.
  • While working on my MS I worked part-time and full-time for two different small software companies (Innovision and Loudfire).

For more details see the past section of my site.